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Do you provide tele-health appointments? 

Yes, I am conducting virtual tele-health appointments using a secure platform called Doxy.Me. I have over six years of experience doing tele-psychiatry.

What is the difference between a nurse practitioner and a doctor?

Nurse practitioners are Masters-level nurses who are clinicians with the experience and education to provide healthcare to clients. I earned a Registered Nurse license, then specialized in psychiatry and completed over 700 hours in supervised clinical internships. My nurse practitioner license is contingent upon continuing education and fulfilling legal and ethical standards. In the State of Texas, a nurse practitioner receives some level of supervision from a doctor, including chart review and delegation of controlled substance prescribing.

Who is your supervising doctor?

I am supervised by Dr. Trey Aoueille, MD, a psychiatrist who has a practice in the same office suite. Dr. Aeouille has been practicing psychiatry and doing therapy in Austin for over 30 years.

What are your office hours?

My practice is open Monday through Friday 8am-1pm. Other office hours can be made available as needed.

Can you order labs and prescribe medications?

Yes, I have prescriptive authority for psychiatry. I can order relevant labwork and prescribe psychiatric medications.

What kind of payments are accepted? 

I require a credit card to be saved on file at or before the time of service. Accepted payments are credit card, debit card, check, cash and Health Savings Account (HSA). I am "in-network" with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans. I can provide a superbill receipt for you to file with other insurance plans as "out-of-network".

Do you see children and adolescents?

No, I generally do not accept clients who are under the age of 18. My experience is working with adults.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans. 


Psychiatric Evaluation - 75 minutes - $300 

Medication Management - 25 minutes - $125 

Medication Management + Therapy - 45 minutes - $200

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